Rise Up

For work I travel to the eastern shore at least twice a month.  Of course, I had to find a decent coffee shop over there in the country. I found out about Rise Up coffee in Easton, MD. One of the locals told me that they had the best coffee on that side of the shore. She told me where it was and I should try it whenever I am over near one of them. So, I decided my next visit I would leave out a little early to stop pass there. Rise Up is a coffee shop and a … Continue reading Rise Up

Business Update

I decided not to blog last week because I want to work on my business plan. It has been a few weeks since I have really set down and worked on it. I won’t say that I was to busy to do it because that would be a lie. We all make time for what we want and I wanted to take a break and come back with fresh eyes. Over the past few weeks I have been work on my business just not putting it all together. So, I decided to share with you all some of the thing … Continue reading Business Update

Coffee Cocktails

My sister brought me the book The Barista Bible from Bird in Hand coffee and Books. I have been flipping through the book and found a lot of good recipes. The books has the coffee basics and recipes for espresso drinks, alcohol drinks and desserts. So I decided for the next few weeks I will try different recipes and talk about them on my blog. Of course the first recipe I decided to do was a coffee cocktail. I choose the first cocktail which is the Affogato Agave. Affogato Agave Ingredients: 2 spoons of vanilla ice cream 2oz of espresso … Continue reading Coffee Cocktails


A few weeks ago in class we were introducing ourselves and talking about our 5 goals. I said I was in the process of opening up a coffee shop. My classmate asked me to have I ever heard of Phillz Coffee in D.C. He told me it was a California based coffee shop that specialized in customized coffee, but had 2 locations in DC. That excited me because I can make my coffee to order. So, I decided to go that weekend and check it out. Saturday afternoon I got Erin and her dad, and we went down to Phillz … Continue reading Phillz

Top 10 things not to say to a coffee addict

I really enjoy coffee so when I am drinking my morning coffee and someone say’s something negative about coffee it really annoys me. It’s like when someone is eating and another person walks by and say “Ewwww what is that”. If you don’t like coffee it’s okay, it’s not for everyone. We the millions of coffee lovers across the world enjoys it daily. people have said a lot of things to me about coffee that have really made me mad. I have put together a list of annoying remarks that people have said to me about drink coffee. 1. Ewwww…. … Continue reading Top 10 things not to say to a coffee addict

My Favorite Coffee Shop

Be for I get started I just want to make sure everyone is aware I have no affiliation with any coffee shop. I have never worked in any of the Coffee shop that I have mention on this blog. I just love coffee and wanted to share my coffee experience with you all.  Now on to the good Stuff………. I stumbled across Koffee Therapy in early 2016, leaving brunch with my best friend. This was right around the time I decided that I want to move forward with opening up a coffee shop. I began to notice coffee shops in … Continue reading My Favorite Coffee Shop


Over the past 6 months I have been looking for a coffee shop near me to work at; other than Starbucks. I finally found one in Catonsville. Atwater’s is in Catonsville, about six minutes from my house. I am so mad it took me this long to find it. If I want good coffee I have to drive into the city. Which means I am paying for coffee, food, parking and gas. Atwater’s is a cute spot in the heart of Catonsville across from Ship’s Café. When I arrived late on a Friday morning it was crowded. There was a … Continue reading Atwater’s

OMG! It cost how much?

I am working on my financial portion of my business plan and it is stressful. I have no idea how to come up with the figures or even where to price some of these items. During my last meeting with my mentor from the Score program he informed me that the financial portion is the most important part of the business plan. The banks want to know when they will get their money back and I need to be able to project when I will make a profit off the business. I instantly became overwhelmed with this information. My anxiety … Continue reading OMG! It cost how much?

Peach and a Cup of Joe

Today I am at Peace and a Cup of Joe working before I go to work. I came here today for the shrimp and grits. The first time I heard about this coffee shop I seen a picture on Instagram of the shrimp and grits. I had to check them out; especially when I found out it is blacked owned. Today I order a gingerbread Latte and the shrimp and grits, which came up to around $13. I don’t think this is bad price because you get more than enough food. The young man today does not seem to know … Continue reading Peach and a Cup of Joe

No Internet

A few months ago I read an article about a coffee shops not offering internet I was like what? Why? How? After reading the article I stop and thought about a coffee shop that I had visited during the winter in Charles Village, MD called Carma’s Café. The first time I went and seat in it, I did not realize that they did not have internet. I went to finish up some work and get a cup of coffee with my daughter after work. After order my drink and cookie for her, I asked the barista “what was the internet … Continue reading No Internet