I am Back!

I have not been blogging as much as I promised at the beginning of the year. I apologize but I thought I would give you an update on my progress with the business and me. I have mentioned before that I am getting my MBA. The class that I am taking now is a lot of writing so when I am done with school work I honestly don’t feel like writing. My job has also changed how we work and I am in front of the computer more and in my car a lot more which has been an adjustment. … Continue reading I am Back!

Black Owned Coffee Shops

With everything going on with Starbucks I wanted to go back and revisit this post. Here are local black owner coffee shops in the Baltimore are.   Dovecote The first coffee shop that I want to recognize is Dovecote. Dovecote is located at 2501 Madison Ave, Baltimore MD 21217. What I love about this coffee shop is what they do for the community. Dovecote is all about uplifting the community around them. Their motto is community first and coffee shop second. They are a great job of sticking to this. I have had the pleasure of meeting both owners and … Continue reading Black Owned Coffee Shops

What is this Green stuff everyone is drinking?

I have been seeing the word matcha and pictures of a green drink on all the coffee websites. I stop in Starbucks the other day and decided to try Matcha. I ask the cashier he cashier what he thought of the drink and he told me that it was okay but he didn’t love it. I decided to try the hot Matcha Latte. I took a sip of it and I did not like it. It wasn’t nasty but it wasn’t good either. I decided to keep the drink and finish it to get the true taste of it. It … Continue reading What is this Green stuff everyone is drinking?

Self Care

I drink a lot of coffee so I have a lot of coffee grounds. I mainly throw them in the trash or put them down the drain. But lately, I have been thinking about using them for a little self-care time. I always see DIY uses for coffee grounds on Pinterest. So, I decided to look at a few different ways to use coffee grounds for health and beauty. Coffee scrub– Coffee scrubbed is so beneficial to the skin. One of the main benefits of coffee scrubs is antioxidants, which helps with anti-aging. Other benefits also help with anti-inflammatory, skin … Continue reading Self Care

Bad Influence

While I was in Frederick visiting the tea shop, I had to go to a coffee shop. As we were about to leave Frederick I spotted a coffee shop. It was called Frederick coffee and company which is also located in downtown Frederick like the tea shop. I road past the coffee shop at first but I had remembered I hadn’t had coffee all day and it was around 4 pm. So, after about 5 min and trying figure how to get back to the coffee shop I arrived. I really didn’t want the day to go past without having … Continue reading Bad Influence

Thinking of Master plan

Over the past few weeks, I have to reach out to distributors for pricing. To complete my business plan I have to do a balance sheet to show projected expenses, cost, revenue and most importantly when the bank will get their money back. So, I have been calling and visiting potential distributors to get a sense of price and most importantly customer service. I have called places and when I tell them that I am doing pricing their whole attitude change. Those are the company that I will not work with. I spoke to a coffee company and they did … Continue reading Thinking of Master plan

Tea Time!

This weekend I asked one of my girlfriends, Marlene, to go with me to a tea shop. As much as I love coffee I actually drink more tea. I mainly drink black Lipton tea but I want to sell loose leaf tea at my shop so I have been trying to find good places to purchase tea from. But Marlene is a tea is a lover so, I need her to go with me. This is the first place that I decided to check out, which was recommended by my score mentor; Voila tea shop in Frederick. I looked it … Continue reading Tea Time!

Waste of Time and Money

I love the idea of being an at-home Barista so I decided I was going teach my self how to make espresso drinks at home. I feel like YouTube can teach you anything you want to know. So, I began looking for an espresso machine online. Some of the really nice once are around $200. I was so shocked that they were so expensive. I have no problem investing in my business but that a little too expensive for me to spend on a coffee maker for my home. Also, I don’t even have the counter space to put one. … Continue reading Waste of Time and Money

Happy New Year!

I am really looking forward to 2018. I am going to work really hard to post every week. I am going to do a better job of keeping you all updated on my progress of the coffee shop. I have a hard time posting things about the business at the time because I don’t want to speak about something and then it doesn’t happen when I want it too. But I am working on being more transparent with this process because I am hoping that it will help someone else to follow their dream and step out their comfort zone. … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Best Gift for any coffee lover!

With the Holidays quickly approaching I thought I would help you find the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. 1. Ember Ceramic mug $79.95   This mug keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature the whole time you are drinking it. If you are like me I will put my coffee down and come back to it several times epically on the weekends. But I am to lazy to keep reheating it so I normally drink it cold     2. Affordable coffee Grinder $12- $40  Coffee is best when it is freshly grounded. Ground Coffee is … Continue reading Best Gift for any coffee lover!