3 Beans Coffee

Erin’s has found her own favorite coffee shop now. She loves 3 bean coffee which is located downtown Baltimore. 3 bean is located right across from Rash field in the inner harbor. We have been here twice. The first time we went was last summer and she has been asking to go back. They have an area with toys, a small space for kids to play and a chalkboard door for kids to write on. I think she really likes them because they have toys. But I like them because they have good coffee. During our first visit, they had … Continue reading 3 Beans Coffee

Coffee Fest Show

  Last weekend coffee Fest was in town at the convention center. Coffee Fest is a trade show for coffee companies. There was a booth for any and everything you would want or need at a coffee shop. I have been following this trade show for over a year now. Each year they host 3 coffee fests in 3 different cities. I wanted to go last year but I didn’t plan properly. I wanted to go to Coffee Fest Chicago. I have a love or maybe an obsession with Chicago, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go. Coffee fest lasts … Continue reading Coffee Fest Show