Let me tell you!

Let me tell you about that time I worked at a coffee shop. Back in December I was hired at The Hoof Café in Locus Point, Maryland. I was looking for hands on training while being paid for it. I applied on indeed and they owners reached out to me a few days later. I interviewed with one owner and to be honest that right there should have been a red flag.  When I pulled up the coffee shop was closed. I go back to my email where we scheduled the interview and I realized that they never gave me … Continue reading Let me tell you!


I want to welcome you to Love of Coffee. This blog is dedicated to all things coffee. I will talk about coffee shops that I have visited. I will talk about different types of coffee. I will look into the best coffee products and review them. I will also talk about my journey in opening up my own coffee shop. But before we get started let me fill you in on how we got to this point. I first fell in love with coffee when I was a teenager. I use to work at McDonald’s when I was in High … Continue reading Welcome