Just Checking In!

So let’s play a little game of catch up. I have been doing so much since September. I swear I didn’t even realize that it had been that long since I talk to you all. I have been working a lot over this time, I have had few jobs. Over the summer I started teaching English to kids in China. I did that from May to about the end of November. It was similar to being on FaceTime. I like it but the money was inconsistent and the time difference was hard. If you don’t know China is 12 hours ahead of America eastern standard time. So, when I was teaching my students it would the evening for them and the early morning for me. So, I would get up at 4 am or 5 am and teach to about 7 am. Then I would have to get Erin and myself ready for school and work and be out of the house in 45 min. Some days I would get up and the students wouldn’t show up. Which means I’m sitting in front of a computer just waiting. Then I would still have to go to work. I also had some evening classes. My major problem with the company that I worked for was that they kept changing the way and the amount that we were being paid. The pay system changed 4 times in 6 month, and like most companies the employee never really benefited from it.  I’m glad I experienced it and may go back to it depending on where my life takes me.
You guys know I received my Master in 2018, since then I have been applying for adjunct teaching positions. In October I got my first interview and nothing came of that but the next month I had a second chance at a larger school. That interview turned out much better.  I am now an adjunct professor. I will write a few posts about my experience with this process and teaching a class, because teaching adults are different then children.Let’s see what’s else is new??? Erin is now 6 and giving me the blues. She has so much personality and energy that it is hard to keep up. I decided to let her make a YouTube channel as If I don’t have enough on my plate. I also work for a property management company. So just in case, you are confused I have 3 jobs, a single mother with a kid in activities and I’m am still trying to have a social life. See, It’s not that I don’t want to blog it’s just that I fall asleep while I am writing.

woman sitting on chair while leaning on laptop
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

But my word for March is consistency. So I am going to work to be consistent with my writing. I have also been working on writing out my schedule. Which, will allow me to accomplish more in a day and schedule time to actually write without falling to sleep. That’s the quick version of whats going on in my life, but we will talk more I promise. I have some coffee shops suggestion that I have to tell you about. I am going to be also do some book reviews since I love to read. You will hear from me more often.

And thank you to all the people who have been checking in and reading my blog over past few months. I see you and appreciate you!
Natay J

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