Time for a change!

ME! no makeup no filter

I know I have been MIA again! For the past year I have going back and forth with the idea if I should revamp my blog or not. I fell like I have so much to talk about other the coffee. However, I wasn’t ready to open up and really share my person feeling, thought, and emotions with you all. I was not ready to be vulnerable with you all. I have written for another blog website where no one knew me. But then I decided that it is pointless to write and not write on my blog.

I am going talk to you all about my life, my struggles, my DIY projects that my family laugh at, things that I feel passionate about. I will still talk about coffee. I have an amazing latte that I will be talking about soon. OMG this Latte is to die for! I going talk about my career and where I see it going.  You will get to know me in a way you have never seen before.

Looking over my blog the last two years have went by so fast. But so much has changed. I look at my cover photo and it reminds me of how much I have changed. I no longer have a fro. I have been locking my hair for the past 10 months. But if you know me personally you know I still wear my wigs to switch it up.

I am going really try to post weekly maybe bi-weekly. Please forgive me if I don’t but I won’t go months without posting again. I have so much to tell you guys I am excited. I hope you enjoy what is coming.  I will post on Fridays at 10 am starting September 6. Please comment, ask question, give feedback on upcoming changes. It’s no fun if no one is talking back.

Natay J

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