3 Beans Coffee

Erin’s has found her own favorite coffee shop now. She loves 3 bean coffee which is located downtown Baltimore. 3 bean is located right across from Rash field in the inner harbor. We have been here twice. The first time we went wWIN_20170722_10_29_27_Proas last summer and she has been asking to go back. They have an area with toys, a small space for kids to play and a chalkboard door for kids to write on. I think she really likes them because they have toys. But I like them because they have good coffee. During our first visit, they had a soda coffee drink that was very interesting to me when the barista suggested to me. It wasn’t discussing like I had expected it to be. I expected it to taste like nitro-coffee but it was lighter and refreshing. The drink reminded me of a coffee with sparkling water. I am hoping that they have it again this summer.

So, a few weeks ago I finally got up and decided to go downtown. Going downtown is a hassle most of the time because of parking. And the Sunday that we decided to go was a nice day so people were out. I road around looking for parking and was just about to give up when a truck pulled out. When we walked inside it was packed. The sitting area of the coffee shop completely full besides one sofa along the back wall right next to the toys. This was the perfect seat for us. We arrived late morning and I was starving. I feed Erin a few hours ago but she was ready to eat again. Erin wanted a grill cheese sandwich but unfortunately, they did not sell them. So, she ended up gesoda coffeetting an egg and cheese sandwich as seen below. I order there tomato soup and a regular black coffee for myself. I decided not to bring my computer with me, I just bought my book. I had just finished my class and deserved a break from being in front the computer. I spend the majority of time sitting in front of a computer. Between work, school, my blog and my business lord my eyes are always burning. Like they are right now. I also didn’t charge my phone or bring my charger. I wanted to disconnect and for a little.





Okay, back to the 3 bean coffee shop. When my soup arrived it had3 bean a little bit of pesto on top. Well, I am actually assuming it was pesto because that is what it looks like. Whatever it was it was good. My coffee was good it was especially what I need to help wake me up. That day I added a little coconut milk and sugar to it. I don’t always add milk but when I do its never a lot. I try not to change the flavor with creamer and a tone of sugar. I believe that it was an Ethiopian coffee that I ordered that day but I am not 100% sure my memory isn’t what it use to be. I will definitely go back and sit in and drink coffee and relax especially during the summer then leave out and walk around the inner harbor for a little bit. And I know its only a matter of time before Erin is asking to go back. I really do like how they offer a kids section. This makes it easier for mother like my self to go in and get some work done while your kid plays a little. Thanks 3 bean coffee for thinking about the parents to have a place that is kid-friendly.

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