Coffee Fest Show


coffee festLast weekend coffee Fest was in town at the convention center. Coffee Fest is a trade show for coffee companies. There was a booth for any and everything you would want or need at a coffee shop. I have been following this trade show for over a year now. Each year they host 3 coffee fests in 3 different cities. I wanted to go last year but I didn’t plan properly. I wanted to go to Coffee Fest Chicago. I have a love or maybe an obsession with Chicago, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go. Coffee fest lasts for 3 days Friday thru Sunday. My plan was to go Friday morning after I dropped Erin off. But that didn’t happen because I woke up to a flat tire. So that didn’t work out, I decided to go Sunday which turned out to be best for me.


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I arrived a little after noon on Sunday. When I walked up to register because I didn’t pre-register like a normal person I felt a little overwhelmed. I am working on my procrastination because it is costing me money at this point. Once I was all register with my name badge I entered the main area. I was a little take back by the size of the place. I took a few seconds to try to figure out where to start and how to try to get the most out of the few hours I had left. I decided to start completely on the left-hand aisle and work my way over. I felt like a fish out of water walking through. I went by my self because I wanted no distraction. I also put my phone in my pocket and didn’t pull it out. This is not the best idea for a coffee blogger. But I really wanted to be in the moment and learn all that I could learn. The first booth that I walked up to, I was greeted by two really nice guys. We had great conversation. I tried some of there coffee and it was good. I didn’t drink coffee that morning or the day before so that first sip was amazing. Me and one of the guys talked about how we both love diner coffee. We talked about how even though it’s not really good we can’t get enough of it.  As I made my way throughout the convention I was able to taste several different types of coffee and teas. After a while, I was actually got tired of tasting coffee. There were some really good coffees and some really bad ones. I tasted this one coffee that the man stated cost about $10 a cup. That was some nasty coffee. I would not pay that type of money for a cup of coffee or my coffee palate is not as sophisticated as some of the professional coffee drinkers. I wet through and talked to so many different people about there products and services they offer. I took it all in and feel like with the information that I gathered during this time will really benefit my business.


I won’t go into too much detail because learned so much and I would be writing for weeks. I am looking forward to working with a few of the companies that I meet last Sunday. And I apologize for not taking any pictures. I do plan on going to Coffee Fest New York in 2019. So please stick with me and you will get the full experience next year with me.




Thank you


Natay J




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