Bad Influence

While I was in Frederick visiting the tea shop, I had to go to a coffee shop. As we were about to leave Frederick I spotted a coffee shop. It was called Frederick coffee and company which is also located in downtown Frederick like the tea shop. I road past the coffee shop at first but I had remembered I hadn’t had coffee all day and it was around 4 pm. So, after about 5 min and trying figure how to get back to the coffee shop I arrived. I really didn’t want the day to go past without having coffee. I was excited to get some coffee and was hoping it was not nasty. My plan was to drink the coffee and stay up and do homework. On the outside, the coffee shop looks pretty small but it wasn’t. When we walked in there were just a few people sitting around at the tables drinking coffee. Erin who is my coffee shop partner went right a found a chair to sit in while I ordered her Hot chocolate and cake. If only you’ll only knew how many times a week Erin ask to go to a coffee shop. So, I decided to just get a medium-dark roast coffee. While Marlene was trying to decide if she was going get coffee or not I added a shot of espresso to my coffee. Marlene did order coffee which was the first time she has had coffee in years. I have realized that my addiction to coffee has rubbed off on the people around me. My sister who didn’t really drink coffee a few years ago now drinks coffee daily. My friend Candance who didn’t really drink coffee a few months ago now likes coffee. Now Marlene is getting coffee. I think I may be a bad influence on them. LOL! Now if I could get my mother stop drinking instant coffee that would be an accomplishment.
Anyway, the Fredrick coffee the coffee was good it wasn’t bitter. I have to some places and the coffees are bitter, which normally mean the coffee is over roasted or has been sitting in the warmer too long. My coffee was good but as strong as I thought it would have been with the espresso shot in it. When I got home I realized that it may have been a little stronger then I expected. I came home cleaned the whole house, did some homework, and watched a movie or two. I realized that I am more productive with afternoon coffee then morning coffee. I am able to stay up late and work once Erin is sleep. I also notice that they had really late hours. They stay open until 10 or 11 pm. I am not sure if they are in a college area. If they are then that makes a lot of sense. I wish there was a coffee shop that stayed open that late by me. If I want to work outside the house late at night I have to go back to my alma mater NDMU. Their library stays open late. But in a city like Baltimore where we have so many colleges, there are no coffee shops with late hours like this to my knowledge. Please let me know if you know any?

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