Thinking of Master plan

Over the past few weeks, I have to reach out to distributors for pricing. To complete my business plan I have to do a balance sheet to show projected expenses, cost, revenue and most importantly when the bank will get their money back. So, I have been calling and visiting potential distributors to get a sense of price and most importantly customer service. I have called places and when I tell them that I am doing pricing their whole attitude change. Those are the company that I will not work with. I spoke to a coffee company and they did that, needless to say, I will never call them again. Because if you are rude to a potential customer it no telling how you will treat me once you have my money. I also went to their coffee shop over a few year ago and the owner was talking badly about other companies and saying they were so much better. That’s one thing I love about Zeke’s when I reached out to them when I first got started everyone was so nice and they didn’t have to bash other people products to sell their own.
This is one of the main reasons why I love Zeke’s.

One of the first distributors that I called to price paper goods. When I called the young lady was polite and transferred me to the owner’s voicemail so I could talk to him directly. He called me back within 24 hours of me calling the company. I explained to him my situation and he informed me that they had I store that I could come into to get a better idea of what the prices would be and to tell the employee what I was looking for and he would help me. When I went to the store I ask for the employee by name. He was there at the time and he was working with another customer. When he finished he walked over to assist me. He went through and explain the difference in their products gave me pricing and also gave me great advice. For him to get a better understanding of how I wanted my coffee shop he asked questions and have suggestions on which products would be best. What I like the most he wasn’t pushy or made me feel like I had to buy from them. He also allowed me to ask as many questions as possible. Everyone that I spoke to in the company was polite and courteous. I can defiantly see me working with a company like that.

That same day also went to an equipment supplier. This is the second one that I went I have been too. The difference in the two is this one was smaller and the people were more helpful. When I asked her where was her coffee supplies located she stood up and walk me to the area which was not too far from the front of the store. When I asked about espresso machines she informed me that they did not keep them in the store but would see if it is something that they could order. She found a few that was available for ordering. She also informed me that the company had salespeople that would help me out with the layout of my coffee shop if that was something that I was interested in. The first equipment company that I went to the people were not helpful. When I asked questions they just pointed in the direction. This place was large and very crowded so it was hard to find things. When I went to ask the question the only person I could find was dealing with a customer. So, I left and I have not been back since then.
After visiting these places and a few others, I am one step closer to getting my business open. I now have to find a small business Attorney, accounting, and a location.

Natay J


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