Tea Time!

This weekend I asked one of my girlfriends, Marlene, to go with me to a tea shop. As much as I love coffee I actually drink more tea. I mainly drink black Lipton tea but I want to sell loose leaf tea at my shop so I have been trying to find good places to purchase tea from. But Marlene is a tea is a lover so, I need her to go with me. This is the first place that I decided to check out, which was recommended by my score mentor; Voila tea shop in Frederick. I looked it up online and read the reviews to get an idea of the place. There were mixed reviews and a few stood out to me was that they had poor customer service. I am very big on customer service so I was interested to see how our visit would turn out.
When I walked into the tea shop I was surprised by how small it was. I thought it was a place where you can sit down and have tea. The next thing I noticed was the large selection of tea. The number of teas was overwhelming at first. I had no idea where to start so I didn’t. I allow Marlene to educate me on teas. I was also nervous because they had so much glass and fragile things in the store and I had Erin with me. A three-year-old around all that glass was so scary and it was crawled. And I also had my purse which is probably a little smaller then Erin. I found a little area and had her sit down until some of the people left out and she did great. While she read her book and watch cartoons we tried to decide which tea to get. The gentleman that was working there was on the floor willing to answer any question that we had. They also had 3 different tea that we could taste. There was coconut chia, lemon ginger, and apple a day. I don’t like chia so I didn’t try it. Marlene likes Chia but she didn’t care for this tea. I have lemon ginger tea from Tazo so I had to taste there’s. It was actually better than Tazo tea. It had a stronger ginger taste which I like. Marlene didn’t really like it because of she is not big on ginger. The apple a day tea was a red tea which was really good. Neither of us had red tea before so we had no idea what to expect. Out of the three teas, the red tea was my favorite.
While I was looking around I notice a raspberry tea. I asked the gentleman what he thought of the tea. I had heard that it had really good benefits for women reproductive organs so I wanted to try it. He said it was bitter and he had it mixed with some other things that were really good. The tea that he showered me was called take it easy. It smelled so good. In the tea, there was apple pieces, pink peppercorn, lemon grass, raspberry leaves, cinnamon pieces, coriander, jasmine blossoms, pink rosebuds.

Marlene was helping me find a black tea and she stumbled across a tea labeled blackjack. This is a black and green tea it also has orange peels, rose petals, safflowers and Marigold Petals. The tea smelled amazing. Marlene said it smelled like sex LOL! The man said it was good and would keep me up if I am looking for something with Caffeine in it. So, I decided I would get both of these teas. One to help me wake up and the other to help me relax.

The next day I made a cup of the blackjack tea. It was good I drank it with no sugar so I could get the true taste of it. I had a milder flavor than expected because the smell was so strong. I drank the tea later afternoon and It didn’t give me the burst of energy like coffee it was very settled. I notice around 10:30 that I really wasn’t sleepy. Which is not like me I am normally starting to crash around 11 pm. I like the settle and consistent energy with no peak or valleys like with coffee. I have not drunk the take it easy but I am hoping that it relaxes me and helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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