Waste of Time and Money

I love the idea of being an at-home Barista so I decided I was going teach my self how to make espresso drinks at home. I feel like YouTube can teach you anything you want to know. So, I began looking for an espresso machine online. Some of the really nice once are around $200. I was so shocked that they were so expensive. I have no problem investing in my business but that a little too expensive for me to spend on a coffee maker for my home. Also, I don’t even have the counter space to put one. I went online and found a cheap espresso machine made by Mr. Coffee. This coffee maker was around $40 which is a good price to me. When I received the espresso machine so excited I take it out the box and start using it. Not paying attention I broke the little glass that comes with it to steam the milk. That wasn’t a good sign from the start. Now I want to remind you all that this was way before I started to blog.

So, I get it open and set up and I start using it. At first, I kept getting less than a shot of espresso and I couldn’t understand why. In typical Natay fashion, I did not read the directions in its entirety. I read what seemed to be important. What I didn’t read as you can control how strong you wanted your espresso. I had mine all the way up past the highest level. What I didn’t know was that the coffee needs to be finely ground. You need a coffee grinder for espresso for these machines, also something that I didn’t know. Now mind you I didn’t find out that it used a difference in the size of coffee grounds until about 3 months ago. So, I was using regular size coffee ground to make espresso. Coffee grounds for the espresso machine should be fine to help the coffee past through the tight space. So the reason why I could not get a full espresso cup is that I needed espresso coffee grounds. So what I did decide to do was not try to make the espresso as strong and that worked out using the large grounds.My next issue was heating the milk. Now the steamer worked fine but I wasn’t doing something right because the milk would get warm but not foamy.

I decided to go to this hands-on coffee class that I stumbled across. In Hyattsville, they have a local coffee roaster call Vigilantly. They offer several different types of coffee class for at home barista. I went to there latte art class. I learned how to make a proper espresso, how to steam milk and also how to do latte art. The class was really fun and informational. I also learned that my little cheap coffee machine was going really cut it. I did still use it for a few months after the class. I stop using it for multiple reasons. One my drinks were not coming out like the coffee shops. Also, it was a lot of work in the morning. Trying to get out the house with a toddler is a hassle by its self. So, making a latte became extra 10 min in the morning that I didn’t have. Then it was the cleaning process. I would have to clean and make sure I drained all the extra water out of the machine. Once again this is another step in an already hectic schedule. And the last time I used it I forgot to drain the water out of it and it got moldy so I had to throw it away.
The idea of being self-taught at home coffee barista sounded a lot easier in my head. I have decided that I will pexels-photo-333524.jpegbecome a barista once my coffee shop is closer to opening. I will have someone come in and teach me and my staff how to make espresso drinks properly. I have thought about going to barista school but right now I have decided not to move forward with it. I don’t know about anyone else but I rather spend the $5 and allow someone else to make it for me now. This also gives me reasons to go to new coffee shops.

Natay J

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