The Big Easy!

The week before thanksgiving I was in New Orleans for work. So of course, I had to try out at least one coffee shop. Soon as I landed I notice a coffee shop in the airport called PJ coffee. When I arrived to my hotel I noticed that there was another  PJ coffee across from my hotel. Soon as I got settled in to the hotel. I went looking for food; coffee was the least of my worries. Which is surprising because I didn’t get coffee before my flight. But luckily my friend who was on the work trip with me kept reminding me that we needed to check out coffee shops for the blog. After we got lunch we walked around. We found so many coffee shops. I had a hard time choosing which one to visit. I wanted to visit all of them but I know that too much coffee is not good for me. So, after pasting several coffee shops it was time to check into our conference. After the check in conference we decided to go walking again. While we were walking I decided to stop into PJ.

pj cup

PJ’s is New Orleans based coffee chain. When I walked into PJ’s I really like it. It was something about the burnt orange walls and metallic ceilings that made me feel comfortable. Since it was around 7 or 8 pm I decided that I did not want to get a dark roast coffee. Instead I ordered a southern pecan coffee, which was one of their options for the day. I like that they had a more then two options of coffee. When I received the coffee, it smelled so good. Although it was the evening and it wasn’t crowded  the coffee was fresh it did not taste like it had been sitting. This really impressed me because I have been to several coffee shops and had old coffee. I am not a fan of batch brewed coffee but this really was good. The smell of southern pecan was strong and it also taste as good as it smelled. I just added a little bit of sugar and it was perfect. While I was there I asked a lot questions to the young lady behind the counter. I asked about how often it was brewed and how many locations they had. She answered to the best of her abilities and told me she was new to the company and wish she could give me more information. What they say about new Orleans people is so true they are the nicest people you will meet.

The company was founded in 1978 in New Orleans and has grown to 7 different states and 77 locations. I admire what this business has done. It was once a small business now it has spread across the united states. What set this coffee shop apart to me was the fact that they have this drink called the Granita. It reminds me of the Frappuccino from Starbucks but better. The Granita is not watered down like the Frappuccino. They put coffee and expresso and it is already blended so its not watered down. On a hot day that would be my drink of choice over ice coffee. I don’t drink Frappuccino at all do to the large amount of ice and the lack of actually coffee in it. I am planning to order the Southern pecan coffee really soon because it has been on my mind since I left.img_1107

I wasn’t able to visit the other coffee shops due to being in meetings all day. But I will be back in New Orleans as soon as possible.

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