My trip to Columbus, OH

This past weekend I went to Ohio to visit a friend. And of course I had to find coffee. So, before I went I looked up the best coffee shops. I found a few that I wanted to check out. The first one I wanted to go to was black owned and it was called Upper Cup coffee shop. I also planned on visiting Crimson Cup coffee shop. Both places are also roast their own coffee. I was so excited to go and try these two places out. Unfortunately, I did not get coffee from either of them.
After having breakfast at Super Chef’s, we went to Upper Cup Coffee. We road past it the first time because the city was work on the street. We finally got back to it after driving around and it was closed. I was so sad that it was closed due to a power outage (insert sad face). So, then I had to start my coffee search over because Crimson was about 20 minutes away. I found Stauf’s which is about a mile away from Ohio State University. Stauf was way bigger than I thought. They had the roaster with coffee equipment on one side and a café on the other. It was so crowded in there, that it was not one seat available when we walked in the door. I ordered an Almond joy latte and my friend order a regular coffee. The latte was okay but what I realized at the end that all the chocolate and coconut flavor was at the bottom. Which made me a little mad at myself for not stirring it up. They also had a wide selection of lose tea. I didn’t get tea but I truly do love good lose tea. They also had over 20 different types of coffee beans available. My plan was to get freshly ground coffee but I couldn’t decide on what flavor so I didn’t get anything, which may have not been the best idea.
The next day I decided to find another coffee shop that was in Hilliard, OH which is the suburbs of Columbus. At first, I didn’t want to really go there because the pictures looked really boring but it was the closes coffee shop to me. This coffee shop was called New Grounds Coffee house. When I walked in I was actually a lot cuter in person. I was a nice size space. They had 2 tall tables, a sitting area and then 2 low tables. The thing I loved about it was that it had a small room for group meetings. I wanted to take a picture but there was people inside and I am pretty sure they would have been creeped out if I did. They also had a drive-thru. Here I ordered a News Ground mocha. It was really good and nice and strong. New ground does not roast their own coffee they use coffee from Crimson the other coffee shop I wanted to visit. I ended up liking New Ground more than Stauf’s. Both had really good coffee but new grounds were a stronger. I have to wait until next time to visit Upper Cup Coffee. Next time I won’t judge the coffee shop on their pictures.

Hope you enjoy


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