93 hours without coffee

Last week I had so much coffee I decided to take a break. I am not sure if it was coffee or anxiety but I really wasn’t sleeping at all last week. I honestly believe it was a grumpycatcombination of both. I was drinking at least 2 cups of coffee a day from Sunday to Thursday. I had a group assignment for school that everyone in the group decided to wait to the last minute to complete it. And guess who had to take on the leadership role and plan babysitter; me! Which left me having to do other people work and staying up late. Mind you I was confused as hell trying to complete my portion of the project. So, I stayed up late Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night. On Tuesday I stayed up to almost 5am doing work and then cleaning and doing other things around the house. Mind you the assignment was due at 11:59 on Tuesday. I only had work from 2 out of the 4 other members on the group. I did my part and left it alone and waited to see if the other people turned it in. Then, on Wednesday I went to sleep around midnight, which was considered early compared to the other days. I had all the work from all my classmates but one and completed the work for him. By Thursday all that lack of sleep hit me out of nowhere. I drank coffee at about 8am and by 11am I felt like a zombie. I was at work right up the street from my house. I had to talk myself out of going home on my lunch break and taken a nap. Coffee was no longer working for me. I knew if I took a nap I was not coming back to work. People kept talking to me and it was making it 10 times worse. I was just nodding my head in agreements to whatever they were saying. They could have asked me to give them 1 million dollars and I would have nodded my head yes. I felt like I was in the twilight zone the whole day. I feel asleep early on Thursday, but the morning came so fast. Friday morning I decided I am not drinking coffee today. I thought it would be a one-day thing. But halfway through the day I decided I needed a break. Sometimes you have to take a break from coffee when it starts effecting your sleep and is no longer working. From Thursday at 8am to Monday at 7am I had no coffee. This coffee detox was not easy at all for me.

Day 1
Friday felt like the longest day of my life. I had headache the whole day. My head felt foggy and I had a hard time staying focus. I also worked in a clinic and had to talk to patient today. I was trying to keep the conversation short. Because I didn’t feel like myself. I like to talk especially to my patient when I am in a clinic, but not Friday. And of course, one person wants to talk and crack jokes for 15 minutes, but it wasn’t regarding his insurance. I was trying to listen and join in the conversation, but it was so hard. As the day progressed the foggy feeling went away. But my lack of focus and headache was still there. When I picked my daughter up from school her friends dad looked at me and said, “long day”. Clearly the lack of coffee was showing on my face. I just laughed and said I am glad it Friday and day light saving this weekend. Once we got home I didn’t do much of anything. I tried putting my laundry away from the night before, but I did not have the energy. I laid across my bed for most of the evening. I can’t remember what time I went to sleep. The first day without coffee is normally the hardest. Friday proved that because I struggled to make it through the day.

Day 2
Erin my 3 year old woke up at 7am on a Saturday morning. I wanted to scream. My normally routine is to lay there her for about a hour and she get a snack out the refrigerator and watch cartoons until I get up. Yes I know that may sound bad but I need that little bit of time to myself. But this Saturday she wanted to keep jumping on me and talking to me so had no choice but to get up. I am so used to turning on the tea pot and making coffee everyday and that’s what I did. But instead of making coffee I made a cup of tea. Then I cleaned my kitchen and cook breakfast. I didn’t have a headache like Friday but I felt so tired. So, after breakfast me and Erin took a 3-hour nap. I can’t remember the last time I took a nap like that. When I woke up I felt better, but I was still a little tired. I rest for the most part of the day and went to sleep around 10.

Day 3
Now I am about 72 hours away from my last cup. The craving started to kick in like crazy Sunday morning. It was cold, rainy and perfect weather for  coffee and book. The other days I felt bad and thought about coffee but this day I wanted coffee. I wanted to throw in the towel in and go get me a cup of coffee from Zeke’s. Yes, I was willing to drive 30 minutes in the ran for a cup of coffee. But for the first time in a week I felt like myself. I had to talk myself off the ledge because I was about to go get coffee, but I didn’t. I felt good without the coffee, but I missed the taste of it. The habit of drinking coffee was stronger than the caffeine. I took an short nap Sunday afternoon. When I woke up I put my laundry away, cooked dinner and got our clothes out for the week. I was well rested by the end the weekend. I felt good to detox from the caffeine. I did drink black tea throughout the weekend but that not a lot of caffeine. Not nearly enough for me to function.
I think that this detox was really good for me. I did not drink any other caffeine drinks this weekend besides tea. On Monday I was so excited to get my first cup of coffee. But was so disappointed when I realized that I only had enough to make a half of cup and it was medium roasted. I just drank it and moved forward with the day. I am actually glad that I didn’t go back to a full cup of coffee. I eased my way back into coffee. But, Monday night I decided to order some coffee from Amazon now because I was not going back out when I remembered that I need coffee for Tuesday. Overall the coffee detox was really good for me and the rest was great for my mind and body.


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