National Coffee Day

Since National Coffee day was yesterday I decided I decided to try another recipe out of The Barista Bible. Originally, I said that I would do recipes the whole month September, but I changed my mind. I decided to try to make a dessert this time instead of a cocktail; I made a Mocha Dessert Cake. This cake has coffee in it. I was a little skeptical about coffee in my cake but everything I have eaten with coffee in it has been good so I gave it a try. For this cake, I decided to let baby girl help me with it. She loves to bake with me even though she only really licks the bowl. I brewed a cup of coffee and started gathering all the ingredients. Erin got the chocolate chips out and spilled them. While she cleaned up I started measuring out everything. Of course, in typical Natay fashion, I did not have something I needed. It’s bad I never have a match like on Friday. I need a sifter. I don’t have a sifter I make box cakes like normal people.

As I was mixing the cake I realized that the reason you need a sifter is that flour lumps up. I had no idea that it would do that. So, I had to make sure it was mixed good so my cake wouldn’t be lumpy. Once the cake was finished baking Erin was ready to eat it. She made sure we had ice cream to go with her cake. So, I cut her a small piece of cake with some French vanilla ice cream. She loved it she finished it and asked for more. I was nervous giving it to her because of the coffee. I am not sure if it was the coffee or her sleepiness but she became extra silly. I think it was her being sleepy that made her so silly. I had my sister, niece, and brother in law taste it and they all liked it too

I don’t really like it at first. I thought it was a little too bitter. But when I ate another piece and added the Ice cream I liked it. It reminds me of a mocha brownie. If you have ever ordered a mocha from any coffee shop it gives you the same taste. I am glad it turned out good and I didn’t have to throw it out.


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