Rise Up

RIse upFor work I travel to the eastern shore at least twice a month.  Of course, I had to find a decent coffee shop over there in the country. I found out about Rise Up coffee in Easton, MD. One of the locals told me that they had the best coffee on that side of the shore. She told me where it was and I should try it whenever I am over near one of them. So, I decided my next visit I would leave out a little early to stop pass there. Rise Up is a coffee shop and a coffee roaster. They have 5 locations on the eastern shore; Easton, St Michaels and 2 in Salisbury and one opening in West ocean city. The one is St. Michaels is a drive through kiosk, it is very small. The other locations are store fronts. One of the locations in Salisbury is a coffee shop and restaurant called Mad Egg. I have only been to the Easton location which is where they roast their coffee. This location is nice size unless it is crowded. The first time I went in the afternoon and it wasn’t crowed. But when I went last month in the morning the line was out the door. The line moved a quickly unfortunately I was behind someone who was order a lot of stuff and probably didn’t have to go to work. But once I ordered it came up fast. I also found out that they wholesale their coffee to other local coffee shops. There is a coffee shop in Chestertown that sell their coffee and a donut shop in Cambridge that sell their coffee. Rise Up is growing their location I wonder will they try to expand to the other side of the bay bridge.


               Both times, I went to Rise Up order a latte which is always my go to drinks.  The thing about getting latte is you don’t get the full taste of the coffee. But the coffee was good and the latte was strong which is always a good thing.  The worse thing is when you order a latte is when it taste like milk and no coffee. That is a sign that the coffee is not fresh. By Rise Up roasting their coffee right there it is always fresh. I am planning to by coffee grounds the next time I go so I can try it at home and truly get a taste of there coffee.


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