Business Update


I decided not to blog last week because I want to work on my business plan. It has been a few weeks since I have really set down and worked on it. I won’t say that I was to busy to do it because that would be a lie. We all make time for what we want and I wanted to take a break and come back with fresh eyes. Over the past few weeks I have been work on my business just not putting it all together. So, I decided to share with you all some of the thing that I have been doing.

I have been working to find a location for my coffee shop. The first location that I wanted was ideal for what I envision for my coffee shop to look like and where I want it. I reached out to the property manager and find out about the location. The young lady informed me that the space was still available although they would take a coffee shop but they preferred a restaurant. She also gave me the price and all the details about the place. It seemed to be a good price but I really didn’t know because I had nothing to compare it too. I took the information and added it to my business plan. I called back about two months late to ask a few questions and see if the property was still available. She said yea but they had a potential restaurant looking at the property. Well yesterday when I rode past it the windows had black paper up to it. So, my ideal property is gone I am interested in seeing what is going to be placed there. But before I found out the property was leased I was considering another location about 1 mile from the location. This location was good a lot of foot traffic and potential customers. When I called the property manager of this location they informed me that they are not allowed to have a coffee shop in there shopping center because McDonalds have them under a non-compete agreement. McDonalds is in the shopping center and because they have a café no one else can sell coffee. I think that is some BS but, hey I understand why they created that rule. Now I am looking for new location and I am having a hard time. If I do not find a location I will have to change the area in which my coffee shop will be.

I have also been working on finding a coffee distributor. When I first went into this I was so sure that I was going to use Zeke coffee. After visiting multiple coffee shop in Baltimore and seeing how many of them has Zeke’s I decided not to. I want to set myself apart from other coffee shops. Now, I really do like Zeke coffee and will continue to give them my hard-earned cash every time I am on Harford road, but I can’t use them for my business. I have reached out to 3 other local companies. Once emailed me back in less then 10 minutes. He scheduled a call and we talked within 20 min of me sending my email. I was very impress by the company customer service. I don’t think people realize how important customer service is. The other two responded one emailed and the other called. To be honest I have not followed up with them the way I should have. And that is on my to do list this week. Coffee is the 2nd most import part of a coffee chop. The Barista is the first and the coffee is the second.
Now my business plans the thing that I am putting off. I realized that this is something that I am going need help with. I have all the information but I am having such a hard time putting it together. I realize that I am not always able to write my thoughts out. So, I am now looking for someone who can help me really express my vision in words. I am still using the score mentor but they are just reviewing the business plan to get it ready for the SBA. My goal is to have the business plan written by my birthday which is October 27. I have 3 weeks before my next class start so I will be working diligently to get this done.
If you have any suggestion that could help with writing a business plan please feel free to comment below or email me. I am always open for suggestions and feedback.




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