Coffee Cocktails

My sister brought me the book The Barista Bible from Bird in Hand coffee and Books. I have been flipping through the book and found a lot of good recipes. The books has the coffee basics and recipes for espresso drinks, alcohol drinks and desserts. So I decided for the next few weeks I will try different recipes and talk about them on my blog. Of course the first recipe I decided to do was a coffee cocktail. I choose the first cocktail which is the Affogato Agave.
Affogato Agave
2 spoons of vanilla ice cream
2oz of espresso
2 table spoons Patron XO Café
1 teaspoon chopped hazelnuts
1. Put the ice cream in the glass and drown it with espresso
2. Pour over liqueur
3. Decorate with Chop hazelnuts


Well I didn’t have some of the ingredients so I decided to make my own version and also add a little liquor to make it stronger. I made two version of this cocktail using what I had in the house.
Drink 1
2 spoons of vanilla fudge twirl ice cream
2oz of black coffee
Double shot of tequila
Mini Chocolate chips.

I invite my friend Candace over to have a taste test and happy hour. Candace is not a coffee drinker so I thought it would be good for her to give her opinion. She said this drink tasted good. It was sweet but not too sweet and it was refreshing.  I thought that it was a little to much tequila in it or it could have been a little sweeter to cut the taste of the tequila. I didn’t like it that much so I gave Candace that one and made my self another one. And while I was getting the ingredients back out I realize that I had coffee liqueur in my refrigerator.

Drink 2
2 scoops of Ice cream
2oz black coffee
1 shot off coffee liqueur
1 shot of tequila
Top with cinnamon and mini chocolate chips

Candace thought that the second drink was good but not as good as the first on. It was a little to much cinnamon in it. She stated both drinks had enough liquor in it to give her a buzz. So, I love this one with the liqueur made it a little sweeter while the cinnamon brought all the flavors together. I think both drinks were good overall but I would have just added a little coffee Liqueur to the first one to make it sweeter and Candace could have did with out the cinnamon in the second one.  Keep the double shot of tequila.

Please try any of these 3 drinks and let me know what you think.


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