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A few weeks ago in class we were introducing ourselves and talking about our 5 goals. I said I was in the process of opening up a coffee shop. My classmate asked me to have I ever heard of Phillz Coffee in D.C. He told me it was a California based coffee shop that specialized in customized coffee, but had 2 locations in DC. That excited me because I can make my coffee to order. So, I decided to go that weekend and check it out. Saturday afternoon I got Erin and her dad, and we went down to Phillz on Adams street. Phillz sit on the corner of what looks to be a neighborhood in the middle of gentrification. In typical DC traffic, I drove around for 20 min looking for parking. I had drove too far not to get coffee. When I finally found parking, I had to walk a block to get to the coffee shop. As I walked in, I noticed a large Starbucks on the corner.

When I walked into Phillz it’s not like any other coffee shop I had ever been to. Phillz specialized in custom coffee, where you don’t have to do anything but drink it. Phillz menu is broke down into 6 categories: dark, medium, light, decaf, iced, and iced tea. Then they had about 4 different types of coffees under each category with a description of the coffee. To be honest, I didn’t know how to order. When I walked up to the counter there was 3 different drink stations. I explained to the young lady that I had never been there before and she explained to me that they only serve regular coffee, no espresso drinks. I love espresso drinks, so I was a little taken back but they had dark roast so I was good. I ordered a Jacob Wonderbar over ice, Erin’s dad order a Phillz iced coffee and Erin well she just got water. The young lady asked what kind of sweetener, how much, and if we would like cream. Once they make your drink, which takes about 7 mins, they call you up and allow you to taste it. I ordered mine with no cream and 4 sugars and it was perfect. Erin’s dad’s Phillz tea had fresh mint in it. It was so refreshing, but it wasn’t sweet enough for him, so I asked could she make it a little sweater and she did and it was perfect. I like how all I have to do is taste it and put a lid on it. I like that there were different options of dark roast unlike any other coffee shop that I had tried.

Phillz was a cute place with 4 tables on the outside, a cute blue couch in the inside, with about 8 small tables around. Then there was a back area with a about 6 tables. Every table was full on the inside and on the outside. They also had a church bench to sit on while waiting for your to-go coffee. I was surprised because it was 4pm on a Saturday and the Starbucks across the street was empty. This says a lot about a coffee shop that can compete with Starbucks and actually win. The bathroom had a dry erase board where people had wrote all over, I read a lot of the notes and the majority of them were positive. Phillz also sells their coffee by the pound which you can order off line or in the store. I am thinking about ordering a pound since DC is a little too far to drive in the morning for a cup of coffee. I expect Phillz to grow and get more locations on the east coast because they have a great concept and good coffee.

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