Top 10 things not to say to a coffee addict

I really enjoy coffee so when I am drinking my morning coffee and someone say’s something negative about coffee it really annoys me. It’s like when someone is eating and another person walks by and say “Ewwww what is that”. If you don’t like coffee it’s okay, it’s not for everyone. We the millions of coffee lovers across the world enjoys it daily. people have said a lot of things to me about coffee that have really made me mad. I have put together a list of annoying remarks that people have said to me about drink coffee.
1. Ewwww…. how do drink that stuff?

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be drinking it. I did not offer you any so why are you worried about it.

2. You know that coffee is not good for you!

You know minding my business is not good for you? Do you know that 90% of the things we eat or drink are not good for us? Coffee does have health benefits if you must know.

3. If you had to choose between me and coffee what would you choose?

Not you! If you must ask a question like this then you already know the answer. I am addicted to coffee not people. I need coffee to deal with questions like this. So, Coffee is the winner!

4. You know coffee will stain your teeth.

Yes! That’s why they created several products to keep your teeth white. Also, I do an oil pull in the morning so I’m good. I appreciate your concern for my teeth though!

5. If you can’t function without it you don’t need it.

Well! I can’t function without food or water so should I stop both of those?

6. You don’t need all those coffee mugs?

I do! I need a mug to go with all my emotions. Each day I match my mug to my mood. I have a grumpy mug for when I am not feeling like dealing with people like you.

7. All coffee tastes the same.

I refuse to even acknowledge this statement.

8. You drink coffee on Sunday’s?

Is today Sunday? Well yes, I drink coffee on Sunday. I didn’t know coffee was a Monday thru Saturday drink. I guess neither did Starbucks, 7/11, and all the local coffee shops that are open on Sunday.

9. You shouldn’t drink coffee because you are not going be able to sleep.

Well have you tried this or did someone tell you that? Stop telling me thing that you heard unless you tried it. 

10. Coffee is a waste of money.

Waste of money to who? It not your money to worry about and if I don’t buy coffee I will spend this money somewhere else so I would rather spend it on coffee. 

If you have said any of these things to someone drinking coffee please stop. You opinion is not helpful or necessary. If you don’t drink coffee it cool no one has asked you too. If you have not ever tried it you can’t have an opinion at all. No more coffee shaming please!




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