My Favorite Coffee Shop

Be for I get started I just want to make sure everyone is aware I have no affiliation with any coffee shop. I have never worked in any of the Coffee shop that I have mention on this blog. I just love coffee and wanted to share my coffee experience with you all.  Now on to the good Stuff……….

pic 2

I stumbled across Koffee Therapy in early 2016, leaving brunch with my best friend. This was right around the time I decided that I want to move forward with opening up a coffee shop. I began to notice coffee shops in places that I had visited several times before. This is what the law of attraction is all about. Now that I have put it in the universe that I want to open up a coffee shop, I run into Koffee Therapy. Koffee Therapy is located in Downtown Baltimore, Maryland in the Mt. Vernon area. When I walked in I had this warm feeling come over me as if I was stepping into a friend’s house. I didn’t feel like I just wanted to get my coffee and go. I wanted to sit down, relax, read or just have a great uninterrupted conversation with a friend. When I walked up to place my order, I was talking to this nice gentleman, who happens to be the owner. It was nice to know that the owner was there making my coffee. You could tell that he cared about his business. That day I was unable to stay like I wanted too, but I knew I would be back.
A few months went by and I decided to go and work from Koffee Therapy, since I have the ability with my current job to work remotely. I ordered a latte and a breakfast sandwich and set by the beautiful window at the front of the store. This is now my favorite place to sit when I am at Koffee therapy. It is something about sitting by this window in this high back chair that just make me feels so relaxed. I think part of it is that I can see everything from the location. I can see the people walking outside and the cars passing by, I can see who is coming in and out the door and what they are ordering all at the same time. I think that’s just because I am nosey and curious about other peoples’ lives and how they interact with one another.

When I go out for coffee, I normally get some type of espresso drink. I am mainly a latte drinker no matter where I go. I have had their regular coffee before and it is good, but they only offer one type of brewed coffee which is a medium roast. It was good but not strong enough for me. But what I love at Koffee Therapy is the tea. He offers an amazing turmeric ginger tea. This tea is good if you are sick because turmeric helps with inflammation and ginger helps with infections and upset stomach. Although I love coffee, herbal teas are an important part of my life. There is a tea combination to heal just about any health problem. I strongly recommend going and trying this place out. Out of all the coffee shop I have been to this is my favorite. It’s Mt. Vernon best kept secret.


glass coffee


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