Over the past 6 months I have been looking for a coffee shop near me to work at; other than Starbucks. I finally found one in Catonsville. Atwater’s is in Catonsville, about six minutes from my house. I am so mad it took me this long to find it. If I want good coffee I have to drive into the city. Which means I am paying for coffee, food, parking and gas. Atwater’s is a cute spot in the heart of Catonsville across from Ship’s Café. When I arrived late on a Friday morning it was crowded. There was a line and most of the tables were full. What I didn’t realize is that the also had an upstairs and a kitchen. Sidebar, I was on a conference call for work when I walked in and it was loud. My supervisor said, “Who is that with all that background noise let me guess Naté she always out doing something.” I wanted to laugh so hard because if I have internet I will work from anywhere. Getting out the house to works motivates me more and I can get more done. I decided to sit outside until my call was over, once I was finally able to order, I order a Carmel latte and an apple gouda sandwich with spicy mustard.

The mug that I received to my Latte in was so cute. I really wanted to take it home with me, but stealing is a crime and its not worth jail time. The latte was good, it wasn’t too sweet or too bitter. I also notice the that their coffee is Vigilant coffee in Hyattsville, MD. They are a roastery that also has a coffee shop. I will let you know more about them in a later post, but I like their coffee. Now on to my sandwich, the combination of cheese, apple and mustard does not sound good, but when I tell you it was amazing. This sandwich hit every taste bud. There was the sweetness from the apple, saltiness from the cheese and spicy from the mustard. I am drooling think about it. LOL! The only down side of Atwater’s is that they have high ceilings and the sound echo’s. So even if there is not a lot people around it still sounds louder then what it is. I do like Atwater’s but it is not a place I will go if I need to study. But I will go there to have coffee with a friend or even to work on something that doesn’t take a lot of concentration.
Atwater’s has multiple locations around Baltimore. If you see one I would defiantly recommend going in and trying them out.

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