Peach and a Cup of Joe

Today I am at Peace and a Cup of Joe working before I go to work. I came here today for the shrimp and grits. The first time I heard about this coffee shop I seen a picture on Instagram of the shrimp and grits. I had to check them out; especially when I found out it is blacked owned. Today I order a gingerbread Latte and the shrimp and grits, which came up to around $13. I don’t think this is bad price because you get more than enough food. The young man today does not seem to know what he is doing. I believe he is new, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He forgot my drinks I order more than once, but when I informed the young lady that I was waiting she apologized and made it right away. She made it perfect; it was not too sweet like some flavored lattes. I love gingerbread latte and can normally only get them the first 2 weeks of December before Starbucks runs out. So, I am excited that they have them all year around. Now my shrimp and grits took about 20 min which is ok because the grits are made to order. The first time I ordered it I was surprised by the amount of food that I received. I have gone to restaurants and order shrimp and grits and when it came out it had 3 shrimp and a hand full of grits and it wasn’t flavorful. So, for $9 I receive a large bowl full to the top with food and it taste so good.

I really enjoy the coffee here because they sell Zeke’s coffee which is a local roaster in Baltimore. Which has the best coffee out of the other roasters that I have tried in the area. I also notice that they offer pour over and French press coffee. Which is not always common in smaller coffee shops. I think the next time I visit I will get there pour over coffee and see how it is. Peace and a cup of Joe is in such a great location for people that are visiting the inner harbor. It is about two blocks up from the Camden Yards, across from University of Maryland Hospital and less than a mile from the heart of the inner harbor. I am planning to take one of my coworker here for coffee next week. I love to support black business with good customer service. I meet the owner as he was going around straighten up and whipping down tables. He was very friendly. If you are downtown on Pratt street check them out and get some good coffee and food.

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