No Internet

A few months ago I read an article about a coffee shops not offering internet I was like what? Why? How? After reading the article I stop and thought about a coffee shop that I had visited during the winter in Charles Village, MD called Carma’s Café. The first time I went and seat in it, I did not realize that they did not have internet. I went to finish up some work and get a cup of coffee with my daughter after work. After order my drink and cookie for her, I asked the barista “what was the internet access” she said “Oh we don’t have internet”. I wanted to call her a name or two; just joking. I wondered why they wouldn’t have the internet; this is a coffee shop that is right across the street from a college and a Starbucks. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. I decided to turn on my hot spot and worked from until my phone died. I didn’t have much work to do so I actually wasn’t made when my phone died. Once I was done I was able to sit back and watch my daughter, while she read her book, played with her toys, and ate her cookie. She was enjoying the moment unlike me. I was focus on finishing up work and preparing for the next day. I had to sit back and re-evaluate myself. I get so caught up in technology at times that I forget to put it down and enjoy the moment.
My niece and sister joined us to have a quick dinner with our coffee. We ordered hot chocolates, tomato soup and grill cheese for the girls. Me and my sister talked and caught up on the week. We really enjoyed ourselves with no type of technology involved. Until I read the article I did not think about the effect of not having the internet in a coffee shop.
The coffee at Carma’s is really good I enjoy their pumpkin spice coffee, it not a latte like most place. The pumpkin coffee is perfect with just a little bit of sugar. Since then I have been back and tried a few different drink and enjoyed them all. But the pumpkin has been my favorite. Karma also has really good tomatoes soup. I haven’t had the chance to order anything else of their menu. I visited Carma’s a few weeks ago and the line was out the door at lunch time. I was so pleased to see that a small business had a longer line then the Starbucks across the street. Carma’s has good coffee, food and good atmosphere. So not having the internet is actually a great idea and I commend them for doing this. This set them apart from the other coffee shops in the area. carma's

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