Here are the top 5 ways to brew coffee. This does not included espresso because that deserves a whole post to its self.

Drip Coffee (Coffee Machine) – Most Americans us this way of brewing coffee. They either make a pot of coffee or using a single serving coffee maker. This is the quickest way to brew coffee, just pop in the coffee and let the machine do all the work. Drip process is also healthiest ways to brew coffee, which I had no idea of before today. The filter in the coffee machine absorbs the natural oils that coffee produces. These oils can cause cholesterol issues over time. But ………. the oil is where the flavor is. So the coffee is healthier but doesn’t give you the flavor that other brewing methods do.  I drink single cups of coffee when I have not started the dish washer and both of my French press machines are dirty.  I drink this type of coffee but it don’t have the same caffeine so I sometimes need more than one cup.


French Press (my favorite) – French press coffee is where you combined coffee grinds and hot water into a glass carafe and put the lip on it which has a filter attached to it.  The hot water and coffee mixture sits for between 3 to 5 minutes. Or 10 if you’re like me and walk away and forget about it while you’re putting on makeup. But any who, once it has steeped you push the plunger down and it filters the coffee and the grinds apart. Then you poor and enjoy this nice strong up of coffee. French press coffee is stronger because it pulls out more caffeine and you also get all of the coffee oils. It has a better taste but it puts you at a higher risk for high cholesterol. Guess I’ll eat better to balance out my cholesterol.


Chemex (pour over)- This Method of coffee brewing is similar to drip coffee but someone is hand pouring hot water over coffee grinds. The difference is that the coffee filter is thicker than the ones used in coffee machines. Also all the water isn’t dumped on the coffee it is pulled slowly so that all the coffee is brewing at the same rate and it gives the coffee a bolder taste then drip. The coffee comes out smoother and with a purer flavor. This also has less of the oil then French press but tastes better then drip coffee. I don’t love or hate this type of brewing method. The coffee is good but just not strong enough for me. It’s also not served in the majority of the coffee shops I go to. And to do this at home it’s a little too much work for me. I am a little lazy.


Cold brew (trendy)-  All I see is Cold brew coffee advertised everywhere now. I have honestly never tried it. I am a hot coffee kind of girl 90% of the time. This process is similar to French press but you use cold water. The grinds also steep for 12 hours. Which is way to long for one cup of coffee if you ask me? But they say it is natural sweeter cup of coffee when brewed like this.  The coffee also has a crisp taste because the coffee brings out the natural flavors and reduces some of the oil. It also is less acidic then coffee brewed with how water. Man I think I missing out on something good I going have to go and get me cold brew coffee and let you guys know what I think.


Instant coffee- PSA: This is not coffee; do not drink this. I know people like this junk because it quick and easy but its nasty. So if you drink this or know anyone who drinks this throw it away. I will tell you that I went to a coffee shop and they were selling this. Be on the lookout for this post.


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