I want to welcome you to Love of Coffee. This blog is dedicated to all things coffee. I will talk about coffee shops that I have visited. I will talk about different types of coffee. I will look into the best coffee products and review them. I will also talk about my journey in opening up my own coffee shop. But before we get started let me fill you in on how we got to this point.

I first fell in love with coffee when I was a teenager. I use to work at McDonald’s when I was in High school. Other than being with my friends for 8 hours the smell of the fresh brewed coffee was the best part of my day. That’s also around the time I started to drink coffee. I didn’t drink coffee all the time during that time just very randomly. I started drinking coffee regularly when I was in my junior year of College at Notre Dame of Maryland. During this time I was working 40 plus hours as a dialysis tech and  in school full time. I was barely sleeping and the coffee kept me going. By the time I graduated in 2013 I actually enjoyed the taste of coffee and the Caffeine was just a bonus. I started  trying different types of coffee and really enjoyed the taste of it. In January 2016 I decided I wanted to open up my own coffee shop. When I told people this everyone wondered if I was serious because it seemed so random, because I have been in healthcare since 2007. But it had been something that was on my mind for over a year before I actually decided that I was going to go forward with it.

So over the past year I have been trying out new coffee shops to see what I like and dislike about them. I have been watching thousands of you tube videos about coffee, latte art, starting a coffee shop and written a business plan. To be honest when I decided to do this I had no idea of what it takes to open up a coffee shop. I had no idea of what it would cost or even where to start. I bought a book from Amazon called the Idiots Guide to open up a Coffee Shop. And that’s how I got started. I read the book and it gave me vague details it also gave me a starting point. So I started trying to write a business plan and that was totally unsuccessful because I had no idea what to put in it.  After about 8 months I found Score which is a free resource for entrepreneurs that help you get started or save your small business. I met with a really nice counselor and she gave me a list of 3 classes to take before I could come back to see her. That was in November its May 2017 and I have not completed one class. The classes are held on Tuesdays during the day and each class is only offered twice which results in me currently waiting until the end of  summer to take the class. I  started writing a business plan which is in the completion stages.

At this point I have registered the business in the state of Maryland. I have a potential location and a draft of my business plan. I have a long way to go before it will open up but I am making steps towards my goal. Please continue to follow me through this journey in entrepreneurship and all the things I am learning about coffee in the process.



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